Chinese Famous Teas


             1). Tea leaves ; among thousand of thousand of precious substances , it is absolutely one of them

                   which was given by GOD to human . It was found by ancient Chinese , that can be traced back to

                   2737 a.c. before, amazingly. The fact it was commonly consented by scholars that were popular

                   used by Chinese on 3rd century a.c. before .


             2). From ancient to nowadays - by drinking of tea ; most Chinese knew quit well that the wonderment

                  of teas nature are : its medical values to work is a nerve stimulant and to refresh a tired mind and

                  body , besides it can also to protect from some diseases and even can rescue from them .


             3). Tea (Thea Sinensis) is belong to Camellia (according the classification of plant) , it is evergreen

                  on four seasons at a year . The tea trees , it has two kinds : bush and tree .

                a. Bush height at 1 3 m approx. tea leaf 5mm long approx.

                b. Tree height at 10 30 m approx. tea leaf 10 30mm long approx.

            c. The tea leaves commonly look like needle and saw shape , the youngest leaf with hair like,

                 while grow-up , it became smoothly and bright .


             4). A moderate warm and wet weather both are the necessities for the tea trees to grow well, which

                  including the weather is 7 33 and the rain fall is 200 230cm approx. annual ; the tea plant

                  (farm)s elevation at 300 2,300m is also helpful to tea leaves growing .

                  Besides ; the height of elevation of tea plant (farm) , mixed with its humidity that can breed

                  good quality of tea grew at last . The tea trees , they liked to breed in the mountain slopes

                  earth with fertile : loose ; and drain water away smoothly .Thats why , tea trees are appeared

                  on the zone of latitude at 43摸 to 27搴 . so commonly.

           There are four main factors for tea tree to grow : - a. Suitable eart

                                                                                                   b. Middling water

                                                                                                   c. Moderate warm

                                                                                                   d. Fair sun shine

                  Therefore ; tea tree must be grew on south zone and at a higher mountain area .

                  The higher of mountains elevation (e.g. 1,000 1,300m) , the better the quality is and the taste

                  is more mellow .

                  The Chinese famous teas growing areas are listed into four places , they are : North of River ,

                  south of River , South West and south . The outstanding teas are : -

           a. South West Pu er (black) tea (late and full-fermentated)

                  b. South - Wuxi black tea (fully fermentated)

                                   (Named : lapsing slouching black tea or straight mountain litter red seed tea) It was

                                   mentioned by the UK romantic poet , George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) in his book

                                   Don Juan

                                - Teh Kuan Yen (Qing tea-semi-fermentated)

                  c. South of river : Those famous green tea (non-fermentated)

                  From ancient to present , all are very famous in China and oversea (international) .


            5). Chinese common saying : firewood , rice , oil , salt , sauce , vinegar , tea , all are the daily living

                  necessities . Garratt was firm supported by and joint co-operated with the good reputation and

                  long history tea , plants (farms) of the above-mentioned four tea growing areas , that we can provide

                  with different categories of teas , such as :-

                  - Wuxi black tea : suitable for Europe and UK countries .

                  - Pu er tea : suitable for Asia , Mid-East , North Europe , Africa and mid-south America countries.etc

                  - Green tea : Japan and Russia and its related countries..etc


            6). All the different categories of teas , they do have been divided into several grades , moreover , it

                 also has organic and qualified non-organic teas classified in the markets . Never-the-less of which

                 kind of teas , we do offer our sincerity ; reasonable prices of our teas , and the principle of our good

                 service to our clients.


             Please feel free to contact us at any time you desired , welcome to try our tea at free pay. Thanks.


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